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ResidualVM: Let's get started

Well, I didn't expect that making a blog will take my whole afternoon away. Making a good look on Blogger is really not that easy. I think I need to better strengthen my skill of choosing typefaces... Ok, not the time for nonsense. So, I am going to take my first Google Summer of Code project. As a long lover of game programming and development, I am so happy that I got accepted in the project of ResidualVM, a 3D game interpreter for old PC games. I don't have actual game programming experience before and now I finally got the chance to see and feel (and potentially mess with) an actual game engine. I am really excited about what will I experience in the coming three months of working. Well, for the project, I am going to further improve and develop the Stark engine within ResidualVM, which is the game engine for interpreting the game  The Longest Journey . To complete the project, I am going to implement the game menus and the shadow feature. The menus part doe