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ResidualVM: Week 7

Sorry for you guys waiting as if there really are people waiting to read my blog , it seems that this week, and potentially next week, are still about finishing small tails left from the menu task. Well, this is not just because of laziness (and there is some laziness recently... I didn't feel completely well for a couple days... But I am good now, so no excuses any more), but some of them actually have problems deeper than I had expected. One example is the task of implementing the Book of Secrets, the extra content of the game, in the main menu. It looked easy at a glance since it is not a menu, but a game level. Just load the level when the button is clicked and there, the book opens. The Book of Secrets But that's not the whole story of it. The Book of Secrets is probably the only game level that contains texts in its resources. When it comes to texts, one problem will show up: the texts' textures will not be automatically reset when the screen's resol