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ResidualVM: Week 1

Well, I guess the first week is the week that you learn the most. For the first week, I decided to tackle the main menu of The Longest Journey ,   for the reason that the main menu can largely improve the experience of playing the game and many components of the main menu can actually be linked to the future diary menu within the game. Due to its complexity, I never intended to implement the whole main menu out within a week. I planned to build a basic structure of it, got something on the screen and then I can move on to other parts based on the built foundation. So far, the outcome is, surprisingly, better than I have expected. That does not mean I didn't encounter difficulties. Right at the beginning, I found myself messed up in the different versions of The Longest Journey game data provided on the market. I got my game from Steam, and it turned out that I need to install two extra libraries to let ResidualVM fully support its different sound format. Have to say, usin