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ResidualVM: Week 2

This week's main focus is on the settings menu, the menu that I deemed the most complex one before. Well, it is indeed complex, but the overall development process was again better than my expectation. Wish I can keep this good start along the way... So, the settings menu. The first things to do is, of course, to get all the widgets rendered on the screen. The basic part is identical to how the main menu and the diary index menu are implemented. Dump the game data, load them with class StaticLocationWidget , and they are in position.  But the settings menu have some other bothersome things. It contains two special widgets: checkboxes and sliders. These two widgets are not stored in the place where StaticLocationWidget reads resources and they behave differently.  The settings menu, see the checkboxes and sliders? One natural idea is to reconstruct the class StaticLocationWidget , making it a more general base class to handle all situations. But that would be a large