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ResidualVM: Week 3

Time flies, isn't it? This week's focus is on the save & load menu. Similar to the settings menu, the most important part of implementing the save & load menu is to implementing the widget that shows the save data. I created a new class called SaveDataWidget for this purpose. A SaveDataWidget consists of three parts: the screenshot thumbnail, the text, and a blue outline that shows up when you move the mouse on it. The save menu of the original game The thumbnail and (most of) the text are already saved in the original save data. All I need to do is to extract them out and properly store and render them. The thumbnail will be read as a Surface , which will then be bound to a Texture and then got rendered by a SurfaceRenderer . Load the content The text further consists of two parts: the title of the chapter and the saving time. The title will be saved and loaded through the description field of the original save data, while the time is already s